Digital Pressure 

Released on April 24th, 2020.


Produced by Daniel Milert, Alex Mullarkey, Hannes Bachofner.

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Skyler Wind has been writing and composing music since she was eight years old. Though she speaks four languages, the 23-year-old Swiss-Canadian born in Singapore succeeds in communicating universally through her music. It is abundantly clear that Skyler aspires to inspire in everything she does, especially when it comes to chasing her dreams. A dream that seems closer than ever, these days.

Combining her talent for writing catchy melodies and her captivating, soulful voice; it is no surprise that her musical career has grown steady and fast from the beginning. As soon as Skyler Wind released her first singles “Unleashed”, “Evil” and “Don’t Need Your Love”, produced by Lukas Zimmermann (formerly “Lunik”), her meteoric rise to grabbing the nation’s attention began through thousands of airplay and charts placements on an (inter-)national scale. The Zurich-based singer-songwriter, who studies at the University of Zurich full time while working on her music simultaneously has fought hard for her voice to be heard with the intentions to become an inspiring role model and storyteller. She wishes her music to be a safe place to escape to, yet also, a portion of hope to hold on to. Essentially, a home for thoughts to wander; souls to ponder. By means of her breakthrough song “Don’t Need Your Love” in 2018, she gained the attention of the nation through pivotal rotations on major Swiss radio stations such as SRF3 and Radio Swiss Pop and similar. Echoing this, international radios followed suit. Instead of resting on her first success, however, Skyler Wind went ahead and performed for increasingly large audiences; for instance, in the finals of the prestigious “Kleiner Prix Walo” contest.

At the end of 2018, Skyler released “Crazy About You”, a catchy pop-anthem which she co-wrote with the US-songwriter Scott Krippayne. The tune was produced by the internationally known producer Pele Loriano. This single made first waves right away, especially in regard to streams on Spotify and similar, yet, its astonishing growth is only in full process right now with the belated release of an official music video. Through 1.4 million impressions, 155'000 views and counting, Skyler Wind has accomplished what many artists dream of: a viral hit on the internet.

During this exciting time, Skyler Wind has released her newest single Digital Pressure, which entered the iTunes Charts at #3 straightaway. Digital Pressure, so far, is Skyler Wind’s most successful song, generating national airplay from every important radio station in Switzerland such as SRF1, SRF3, Rete Tre, Radio Swiss Pop, Energy (Discover), Radio 1 and many more. Having found the right production team to work with that fully allowed her vision to unfold, this song feels entirely new: entirely hers. This development is undoubtedly reflected by her rising social media statistics and community.

Currently, Skyler Wind is working on her next big project: the release of a 5-song EP, to be released predictably in the fall of 2020.





Skyler Wind schreibt seit ihrem achten Lebensjahr Songs. Die mittlerweile 23-jährige Zürcherin besitzt neben dem Flair für eingängige Melodien eine mitreissende Stimme mit einem souligen Timbre. Die Tochter einer Kanadierin und eines Schweizers ist dreisprachig aufgewachsen und studiert nebst ihrer Musikkarriere an der Universität Zürich.

Skyler hat mit dem Produzenten Lukas Zimmermann (ehemalig «Lunik») in den Jahren 2017 und 2018 ihre ersten drei Singles «Unleashed», «Evil» und «Don’t Need Your Love» veröffentlicht, womit ihr Erfolg mit tausenden Airplays und Chartplatzierungen auf (inter-) nationalem Niveau sofort begann. «Don’t Need Your Love» gilt als ihr erster Durchbruch, mit bestehender Rotation auf SRF3 und Radio Swiss Pop. Ende 2018 veröffentlichte Skyler die Single «Crazy About You», produziert von Pele Loriano, welche dazu beitrug, dass ihre Songs insgesamt über 185’000-mal auf «Spotify» gestreamt wurden und ihr 10’000 Menschen auf Instagram folgten.


Skyler Winds neuste Single «Digital Pressure», veröffentlicht am 24. April 2020, schaffte es direkt am Tag der Veröffentlichung in die Top 3 der iTunes Charts.





SIXOC Studios (​​


Jonas Singer - Director, Producer
Gansan Sri - Director of Photography, Producer, Editor
Pascal Nötzli - Production Designer
Muhammed Kaltuk - Dance Choreography
Sebastian Räss - 1st AD
Ibrahim Kisa - Grip and Electric
Elena De Donno - Hair and Make-Up


Natalia López, Malin Schuler, Harumi Mumenthaler,

Lorena Phan, Christian Troxler


Claudia "Skyler" Wind, Jonas Busslinger, Taylor Brumann


Many thanks to our extras and everyone involved


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iTunes Charts, 24.04.2020
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